Best things about Professional Craftspeople:
  • They smile a lot.
  • They understand the importance of comfortable shoes.
  • They are ingenious. They might have forgotten to bring 2 key poles to their booth structure, but they can borrow a hacksaw from one of their fellow craftspeople (who had this happen to them once, and always has a hacksaw now), and have the whole thing re-engineered before the show opens at noon.
  • They have tons of energy.
  • They are self-sufficient in a supportive kind of way.
  • They are intelligent.
  • They know the best places to eat and sleep in every city, town, or village.
  • They are creative (sort of goes without saying).
  • They share stories, creativity, duct tape (lots of duct tape), food and beverages.
  • They have excellent senses of humour.
  • They don’t work well for bosses, or from 9 to 5 – they prefer to choose which 14 hours a day that they would like to work themselves.
  • They like to trade.