Fan Mail

These really nice people took the time to share their stories with us. This only goes to prove, that everyone is not, in fact, a critic.


I just had to write and tell you how amazing your unscented Flowers and Leaves ointment is. I have had eczema on the bottoms of my feet for years now, and have only been able to get temporary (and expensive ) relieve from various steroid ointments . I picked up your ointment at the London Home County Folk Festival a few weeks ago (I've tried everything else) and I am absolutely thrilled with the results . The skin has almost completely healed and it's the first time I have stopped itching in 5 years!! ... On a recent check-up with my physician I brought the ointment in along with the list of ingredients. She was thrilled with results and I think somewhat shocked at just how well my feet had healed (no pun intended)...
I've already suggested your product to several of my friends and will be sure to be in touch when it is time to buy more.  I thank you , and my feet thank you!

P. Finnigan
London, Ont

Yet another delighted customer! 
  We bought some soap from you this spring for a guest house in the northern gulf islands between Vancouver island and the main land.  We are still in the final stages of getting up and running and are trading guest time for help on various projects to that end. (or beginning, we hope).  We have broken into the citronella soap for the few who feel the need to douse themselves with deep woods off at the first sound of a buzz. 

  On another note,  we were glad to hear that the mega pig factories are being looked at a little more critically in your area.  It kind of takes the relaxing charm out of a leisurely bath when you think you're wallowing in tainted water.  Or do you make a special kind of soap to cut the aromatic ambiance of pig manure.  You could call it pig-be-gone or e-coli-gy.

Enough.  Bye,         Joanne McSporran.

Ed. Note:  Effective lobbying of our municipality caused them to withdraw their application for a building permit... presumably they will go somewhere where they don't have so much opposition.  The moral of the story?  Put up a fight!

To whom it may concern:

  A couple of  years ago, at the Festival of Friends in Hamilton, I bought a bar of cucumber soap, and, to be quite honest, I’ve never experienced anything like it. On November the 6th that bar of cucumber soap and I will be celebrating 3 months together! I use it faithfully twice a day, and there’s still about 1/3 bar left. I’m not sure whether it grows in the night or what. But it does wonderful things for my oily skin. Unlike the glycerin soap I was using before, my face isn’t shiny half way through the day (and it’s much more economical too, ha ha). So just thought I’d drop you a line and an enormous thank you. Maybe you could send me an order form, because I’m planning on putting it on my Christmas list!


Anita Everson
Kitchener, ON


To whom this may concern;

I am the sister of one of your customers… While visiting him we were discussing how my skin is very sensitive to so many soaps, detergents, perfumes, etc. and how I suffer from eczema every winter all winter long. No cream or oil will relieve the itch or dryness of the skin for very long. I generally use a cortisone cream on any irritated skin or cracked knuckles. My brother gave me a bar o f the nettle soap to use and I was amazed with the result. My skin was smooth and best of all it didn't feel the least bit irritated. He also gave me a small jar of the Flowers and Leaves ointment which incredibly helped heal the cracked knuckles on my right hand. … I am completely grateful for your hard work and ingenuity in developing them. Thank you so much. Have a nice day.


Lee Ann Scammell
Nepean, ON


To the Elora Soap Company:

I first tried your products this summer. I have found your soaps to be long-lasting, great-smelling and non-irritating. Enclosed is my order for some more – could you please also send me another order form for future use?

Thank you,

Sarah Elvas


Dear Sir:

Your soap is the best soap that I have tried. What luxury! Instead of waiting for the next craft show, I have decided to order direct. Besides, I have used the last bar & I cannot bear to use any other soap.
Please include another order form.

Thank you

Kathleen Collins
Manotick, ON


Dear Sir or Madam:

I am writing to ask you if you could let me know the price of your sensitive skin soap. I was given a wooden box of it containing several bars of different colours for a Xmas present 2 years or so ago, by someone in Ontario, but she doesn’t remember how much she paid or where she bought it. I have just found a small card inside the box with an address on it – hope it finds you. The deep mustard coloured bar inside was so perfect for my sensitive skin – I was even able to use on my face, which I’ve never been able to find a soap I could do that with….. As I said they were different coloured bars, all very good, but the mustard coloured was best for me.
‘Hope this finds your store,

Yours sincerely,

Maureen Cox

Ed. Note: The mustard coloured bar is Herbal (unscented).


Dear Sir:

Enclosed please find an order for…five bars of Nettle soap. I have been using the Nettle since the craft show in Bracebridge. I have had great success in getting rid of a face rash that had been plaguing me for at least three years. Many thanks to the dealer at the craft show for recommending the Nettle soap, it was a great help to me.


Mrs. Verna Coons
Huntsville, Ontario


Dear Elora Soap Co.-

Please send me as many MINT bars of soap for a total of $20 US,… and another order form. I bought your soap at the One of a Kind Craft Show in Toronto last November and have been enjoying them a lot! Haven’t found anything better here in New York.

Thanks a lot!

Julie Marcus
New York, NY


To Elora Soap Company:

Just wanted to let you know how great we have found your products. I visited your store this past August….I purchased some of your soap & a jar of Flowers & Leaves Ointment. The soap has a wonderful fragrance & seems to last forever. The ointment has finally put an end to my hangnail problem. I will be placing an order soon.


Deb Yungblut


Elora Soap Company:

I purchased a jar of Flowers & Leaves Ointment and a bar of Nettle soap at Art in the Park in Windsor. I have very bad eczema on my hands. After only 3 days of using your products my skin is already healing. As you can see I am re-ordering already, so I will always have some on hand. Please send 3 or 4 more order forms so I can show them to my friends. You have made me a believer in your products.

Thank you

L. D. Painter


Hi Karen ,

I was just checking out your web site and read through your fan mail, which prompted me to add my own testimonial. You may remember, in the summer of 1997 we found your Paisley location through a strange set of circumstances. We had been driving for a couple of hours (a very long time for a two year old) when we stopped in front of your shop. Our two year old daughter was very upset from the drive and we were trying to make her more comfortable by changing her clothes. We were half way through this process (i.e. she was naked), when she refused to participate any further. At this point (us with a naked crying baby) you invited us into your store suggesting that your dog Cody might be able to help our daughter de-stress.

While Cody helped our daughter work through her stress you noticed a small red rash around my eyes. This rash had been around my eyes for about eight months. My doctor had prescribed a cortisone cream, which had helped for short periods after which the rash returned worse than ever. My doctor referred me to a dermatologist. He said I had peri-ocular dermatitis (that's Latin for a rash around the eyes!!). He also said it that sort of rash more frequently occurs around the mouth. He suggested a prescription for an antibiotic to be taken for 6 to 8 months!! I hadn't actual gotten desperate enough to try that when events lead me to you. You suggested that your Flowers & Leaves Ointment might help. It did! I used it daily and within a week or two the rash went away. I continued to use the ointment for another few weeks then stopped. The rash hasn't returned and I don't miss it.

Thanks a lot for all your help. Your help with our daughter gave us immediate relief. Your help with my rash gave us long lasting relief.

Best Wishes,

Stuart Langstaff,
Pakenham, Ontario.