Welcome to Fred's Decks  
  for all of your deck desires.  
  meet Fred
Fred Wardle, COE
deck maker/breaker

  One winter, the roof ice
broke my deck.
my broken deck  
out with the old Fred and his handy helper
took apart the old broken
one.  It had a drawbridge that
all of the kids used to love to
play on.  It was sad to see the
end of an era...
we had this drawbridge
and the kids all loved it
mill the lumber first Then the pile of lumber
arrived.  Fred cut the cedar,
took it to be milled, then back
to his place to be planed, then
to my yard.  That's a lot of
loading and unloading of
lumber, and I only helped a
wee bit.  that's my 2005 Dodge Caravan.
They say you should take pictures with your
car in them, you remember it better later.
  or is it measure first? first repairs  
  The masonary was a mess, so Fred fixed it first.  
  the snoopervisor afternoon sun gets hot near the end  
  Shadow snoopervised, until the sun got too hot for him - but not
too hot for Fred.
it has a nice bench too
We really like the built-in
bench, and the railings are
really nice rounded cedar
poles.  I will have to take
another picture of them -
Fred is great with unique
touches.  Very classy.
  dino the dog  
  So here is the finished deck, with Dino enjoying the view.  The
stairs flare out - they're 10" wider at the bottom - for more
sitting and general hanging around room.
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