All of our wooden gift boxes are made with recycled lumber.


Wooden Crates      With your
choice of soap.

Box of 2: $12.95
Box of 3: $18.95
Box of 4: $24.00
Recycled Wooden Boxes of 23&4

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Box of 5Box of 6
Variety boxLoofah box

Gift Boxes
These boxes are packed with excelsior and shrink wrapped in plastic, and finished with a raffia bow.

Box of 5 - Assorted Unscented soap for
                      sensitive skin.

Box of 6
- Assorted Aromatic soap. $34.95

Variety Box

- 4 soap, 15ml. Flowers & Leaves Ointment,  Bath Herbs.

Box of 4
with Loofah
- Assorted Aromatic soap plus
  a loofah cleansing sponge.