Soap Humour
We have always appreciated a good joke, witticism, bad pun, humorous typo, etc. here at elorasoap, and have a collection here to share. 
Tell us a joke about soap!

We will publish the highlights in our soap joke book.

We have had a very popular 'soap for a joke' offer here in the past, and have decided to include all requests for a free sample, with or without a joke.  This offer is valid in Canada and the US only, but if you have a good one, we'd love to hear it anyway.  
Please send
freight charge $5Cdn for Canadians, $5US for Americans, your mailing address and select your free bar of soap.
Delivery may take up to six weeks.

Yes, so we like puns... and soap does make a good shower gift...
The Blackboard Joke
The Hotel Soaps  - this is long, but I cried :-)
Our Soap Joke Book