Soapy IAQ’s
(Infrequently Asked Questions)

  1. I am right handed and have been using Ivory soap because my wife does the shopping.  Don't get me wrong I would like to do my own shopping but after having my morning smoke and finding myself in a large shopping area with everyone staring at me I find it necessary to yodel to protect myself.  Well the manager asked me to leave but because he spoke a foreign language I thought that he wanted me to remove my clothes stand in amongst the fresh fruits and yodel louder louder to increase business which brings me to my question I noticed that I have developed a rash on my left “cheek” being right handed I find it difficult to self examine this area without turning into a pretzel it is even more difficult while balancing oneself on Florida grapefruits nude yodeling and being unduly harassed by older women requesting I yodel Barry Manilow’s version of stairway to heaven.  What words of wisdom do you have for me do you have a soap that would help me ? 

    LE grand orange

  1. Dear Le:  Yes, and although my first impression  would be to suggest that you try the Lemon-Lime, I think that you already know your answer:  Turn the other cheek!

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