Our Store

Welcome to the store. Before you come in, you might notice some colouring or scribbling on the sidewalk.

Today, on the sidewalk out front it says:

There is always extra chalk, please, feel free to join in…
There's a lot going on around here, and too many doors. Usually, somebody will be working at something,

There's all kinds of soap.

you can make your own basket...

There are locally made candles

plus the work of over 20 other craftspeople from Bruce & Grey counties

We have some very cool tin toys

and glass ornaments


Lots of pottery, including some from the Surrette family,

There is some woodwork, papier mache, local books and music, and although
 the work in the store changes regularly, there is always an eclectic mix.

and, generally, we hope that you will have a good time here.

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