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The main intersection of Paisley, Ontario, is located at the confluence of the Teeswater and the Saugeen Rivers.  Our Town Hall, built in 1876, the only Town Hall in Bruce County of this vintage, is built where the rivers meet.  

Our rivers play an important role in our village, and from one of the bridges on our main street, you can see canoe races, pioneer reenactments, the annual rubber duck race, thousands of canoeists in summer, and spawning salmon in fall - you can put your canoe in at the dock, behind the Town Hall.




Queen St. South

Queen St. North


A full range of stores and services including unique artisans, kayak and canoe outfitters, restaurants and specialty shops, have recently restored century buildings on Queen St.
The Paisley Pharmacy features animated windows - like those magical Christmas windows you went to see when you were a kid.

bikes on the bridge

hosetower being restored

The restoration of the Fire Hose Tower represents our history, a landmark, and a recent makeover on our main street.  Located opposite the Town Hall, in the centre of the village, this unique building is where the fire hoses were hung to dry.  Our early fire protection was important in attracting four mills to Paisley,
            the Heritage Village.

snowmobiles at the arena Our main street is also home to the arena; and we have a lot of winter activities too.
You can get to Queen St. via car, boat, bike, snowmobile, and there are 2 places where you can tie your horse.
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Telfer Wegg, Neustadt, ON
Willy Waterton, Kemble, ON
Bruce County Tourism,
Craig Budreau, & K. Kimpel, Paisley
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