I just had to write and tell you how amazing your unscented Flowers and Leaves ointment is. I have had eczema on the bottoms of my feet for years now, and have only been able to get temporary (and expensive ) relieve from various steroid ointments . I picked up your ointment at the London Home County Folk Festival a few weeks ago (I’ve tried everything else) and I am absolutely thrilled with the results . The skin has almost completely healed and it’s the first time I have stopped itching in 5 years!! … On a recent check-up with my physician I brought the ointment in along with the list of ingredients. She was thrilled with results and I think somewhat shocked at just how well my feet had healed (no pun intended)…
I’ve already suggested your product to several of my friends and will be sure to be in touch when it is time to buy more.  I thank you , and my feet thank you!

P. Finnigan
London, Ont

Yet another delighted customer!
We bought some soap from you this spring for a guest house in the northern gulf islands between Vancouver island and the main land.  We are still in the final stages of getting up and running and are trading guest time for help on various projects to that end. (or beginning, we hope).  We have broken into the citronella soap for the few who feel the need to douse themselves with deep woods off at the first sound of a buzz.

On another note,  we were glad to hear that the mega pig factories are being looked at a little more critically in your area.  It kind of takes the relaxing charm out of a leisurely bath when you think you’re wallowing in tainted water.  Or do you make a special kind of soap to cut the aromatic ambiance of pig manure.  You could call it pig-be-gone or e-coli-gy.

Enough.  Bye,         Joanne McSporran.

Ed. Note:  Effective lobbying of our municipality caused them to withdraw their application for a building permit… presumably they will go somewhere where they don’t have so much opposition.  The moral of the story?  Put up a fight!