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Monday – Saturday: 10am – 6pm , Sunday:  11am – 5pm


Email: info(at)elorasoap.com
Phone: 519-353-5191
Toll free in Canada: 1-877-353-5191


312 QUEEN ST. N., P.O. BOX 339

The Elora Soap Company was founded by John & Karen Kimpel in 1987 in Elora, Ontario, Canada. Suddenly and very sadly, we lost John in 2008, but Karen is still making soap in the Heritage Village of Paisley, Ontario, Canada – our home since 1990. Our son, Ben, now 25, lives here too, and he helps in the store and at shows. Our century building still keeps us busy with ongoing renovations. We live on the main street, where we make our soap, grow many of our herbs, and operate a retail store – it’s a fun place – you can write on the wall, chalk on the sidewalk, play with the tin-toys…oh, and find out a lot about soap – we are open 7 days a week. Sierra still makes cameo appearances in the store and at shows, and occasionally even Eva might be seen behind a counter…
We have 2 dogs, Niko (the younger mostly lab), Shadow (the older), and 2 cats, Eddie (ginger), and Cassiopoeia (tabby).

Two other great people help out around here:

Pat – works in the store at least one day a week
and Juhan is always very helpful fixing whatever needs it most. Between Ben & I, Pat and Juhan, we somehow manage to get it all done, and usually have some fun doing it!

Best things about Elora Soap Company:

We are in the world, not just on it. (who said that?) We have tried, at every level, to reduce, reuse, & recycle – everywhere we can. And to produce something useful.

Our products aim to strengthen your dermal (that’s your skin) system. The recipes that we have developed, our choice of herbs, and our natural ingredients are all geared to enticing your body to produce the “good” things that it can – but may have forgotten how. One of our goals is to get our customers (some of our customers, definitely not J.B.M.,) away from using steroids, like cortisone, and to help their system to get strong enough on its’ own to not need them.

We listen.

We have a wonderful peer group.
(See Best things about professional craftspeople)

We get to go to festivals, and call it work.
2014 shows and festivals that we’ll be attending.

Worst things about Elora Soap Company:

We are too busy to spend lots of hours building our Website.
We are too busy to think of more worst things.

– I got another one! – None of our products tastes great.
– Sorry – wrong. Mint Flowers & Leaves tastes pretty good.
Got any?